Are Masks Effective For Protection Against Corona-virus?

As the spread of coronavirus gets worse, people are looking for better ways to protect themselves and stay healthy. Besides washing hands and social distancing, one way people are trying to stop the spread of the virus is by wearing masks. But are they effective?

Ben Cowling, a Professor at the School of Public Health at The University of Hong Kong, tackles this question head-on.

In a “QuickTake” by Bloomberg video, he explains a lot of valuable information about masks. Some of the highlights are:

How you wear a mask has everything to do with how effective it is. For example, your mask must be worn covering your nose.

Wearing a mask can protect you to some extent, but it must be done with other proper hygiene. Unfortunately,  even if you do it right, there is not complete protection.

If you are sick and you wear a mask (correctly), it will catch a lot of the virus, and prevent other people from getting it from you.

He lastly adds, “If everybody wears face masks, then transmission in the community as whole would be lower.”